Edufy strongly believes in abiding by the letter and spirit of the law.  Students' interest is of paramount importance to us. Of late we see portals/intermediaries/agents offering admission to approved degree programmes of various universities.  To our understanding, this practice amounts to violating a number of directives of the UGC and also Supreme Court judgments.

1) For profit' entities cannot offer admissions

Most websites, including ours, are owned by a 'for profit' company. The UGC notification dated August 27 2013 ( says that universities cannot enter into any franchising arrangement. So any company registered under the Companies Act whose objective also is business, cannot offer admissions for any UGC approved degree/diploma programmes, including Distance Learning or online learning programmes.

2) Websites cannot be Study Centres

Many websites claim study centre status of universities to bolster their case. Even here, the UGC regulations stipulate that universities must operate their own study centres and cannot franchise them.  In other words, study centres must be fully owned by the respective universities and not by any intermediary/portal/website/agent

3) Our Recommendation to Students  

Pay the university directly. The DD/MO must be drawn in the name of the university and no other intermediary, including any website/agent/middlemen. That would enable you to interact/engage with the university concerned and hold them responsible/accountable.  By all means, search for all information from us, but pay the University directly. There are plenty of incidents wherein intermediaries/agents folded up and the University concerned denied any such offer of admission. This left thousands of students in the lurch.

So until the law allows us, Edufy will not offer any recognized degree or diploma programme offered by a University.

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A digital library is a collection of documents in organized electronic form, available on the Internet or on CD-ROM (compact-disk read-only memory) disks. Depending on the specific mode, a user may be able to access study material, articles, books, test papers, sample papers, flow charts, sound files and video solutions

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